Trail Obstacles


as described in the IMTCA Rulebook

Cross Bucks Teeter Totter Balance Beam 45 Balance Beam Turn Box 42” Raised Logs Rock Obstacle Scramble Maze Logs Small Bridge

Raised Back Through Low Back through Water Box Cake Box Fan Octagon Box Turn Box 60” Pinwheel Texas Two Step Trench Gate


Trestle Bridge Arch Bridge Jump Up Step into Pond High Balance Beam Suspension Bridge Steps Switch Back Rolling Bridge

Snake Curtain Top Hat Trailhead Ladder Compass Cross Logs Send Around Rock Turtle

Rulebook Section: 11.1. Obstacles Needed for A Mountain Trail Challenge Sanctioned Event

For an IMTCA sanctioned event, at least 6 of the required obstacles will be used, additional obstacles may be chosen from either the required or optional obstacles sections. A sanctioned Trail Challenge will use between 6 and 16 obstacles.