September 8, 2019 all-day
Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre
2657 Brock Rd
Ontario L9P1R4
Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre

Welcome to the last International Mountain Trail Challenge in Ontario for 2019

What to expect at a Challenge

A competitive event for Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail is known as a challenge. A challenge tests a horse and rider’s ability to navigate both natural and man-made obstacles in a safe manner and with technical skills that demonstrate great horsemanship.
There will be up to three levels of difficulty that are designed to challenge but not intimidate riders.
Attire and tack required for participating must be neat, clean and in good working order.
The overall purpose of the Trail Challenge is to promote good horsemanship skills and provide an educational venue for equestrians.
Trail Challenge tests an equine and rider on their ability to work as a team and navigate obstacles which they might experience on a trail.
The horse and rider will encounter various obstacles during a Trail Challenge. Sometimes they will encounter difficult trail situations which will better prepare the equine and rider in the real world.
Through education and experience, riding becomes more pleasurable, while safety and fun are encouraged.
All challenges must be judged by IMTCA certificated judges. A judge must have the ability to evaluate horsemanship skills such a rider’s skill in controlling and maintaining the equine. The judge should be also familiar with the natural movement of the equine.

All disciplines, all breeds and all ages are invited to participate in Mountain Trail. From Mini’s to Draft’s .

There is a class for everyone from beginners to professionals. Even if you don’t ride you can participate with your horse in hand on the ground. Ask us!

At Dream Feather Horsemanship Centre we strive to make sure you leave with gained knowledge and you had a fantastic time here learning and participating with your horse in a safe and supportive environment .

• Ribbons are awarded 1st to 5th place at each Trail Challenge.

• Challenges open to everyone!
Youth (6-18 yrs), Lead Line, Mini’s, Open Senior Horse Junior Horse and Adult divisions.

• There is a Gamblers Choice Money Class and new for 2019 Long Line (Ground Driving) class.

• Membership to IMTCA Canada is NOT required to compete.
unless you are earning points for year-end awards, Breed Points or to compete for any of the IMTCA World High Point Classes

Classes entry fees :
• $25 each or 2 for $40 for Adult
• $20 each or 2 for $30 for Youth.

Please visit www.imtca.org. for more info and to read the IMTCA rules and regulations or www.dream-feather.com
Email: dream.feather@hotmail for specific questions that are not explained on the website.
To Register please go www.dream-feather.com for the the complete show package, registration form and rules

Download Registration and Patterns Form Here: