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Just Trust Me

Articles Just Trust Me THE KEYS TO BUILDING TRUST IN YOUR TRAIL HORSE by Mark Bolender I frequently hear riders say, “I want my horse to trust me more,” yet the horse is pushy when being handled on the ground and will not navigate the difficult obstacles in a show or...

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When The Going Gets Rocky

Articles When The Going Gets Rocky MASTERING EXTREME ROCK AND LOG STEP OBSTACLES by Mark Bolender As with most technical challenges, proper training makes the impossible possible. My latest book, Extreme Mountain Trail Course by Mark Bolender is built on the Rush...

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Bring Back The Fun

Articles Bring Back The Fun! HOW TO KEEP RIDING CHALLENGING AND STILL HAVE FUN by Mark Bolender “Am I doing this right?” is a phrase I hear often from students. It’s very natural (and important) to learn proper riding technique, but many people get bogged down by...

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Learn To Listen

Articles Learn To Listen COMMUNICATION IS A KEY TO UNLOCK SUCCESS by Mark Bolender Learning to listen is anything but easy. It is a science and a gift from God. With effort, we can all learn to be good listeners. If one learns to listen to his horse, the response...

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Mastering Extreme Trail

Articles Mastering Extreme Trail UNITY AND LEADERSHIP ARE THE KEYS by Mark Bolender Watching a great trail horse pick its way through difficult obstacles is wondrous and beautiful. It looks so natural and graceful that it seems anyone can do it. This, anyway, is the...

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